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About EYMD

The European Youth Media Days (EYMD) are the first Europe-wide forum that involves, connects, informs and encourages young media makers to be in the heart of the European integration process. The EYMD are an innovative, intercultural and outcome-focussed multimedia event. Already the first edition of the EYMD in 2007 gained a remarkable political attention and reputation.

The European Youth Media Days demonstrate the recognition of European politics for those parts of the European civil society that actively contribute to Europe’s democratic development by considering information as the major basis for an active participation of citizens in the European process. Along with its educational aspects, media productions and political debates this event for the first time establishes a way of distinguishing the commitment and curiosity of young Europeans, taking their points of view seriously, debating on an equal footing and offering them inimitable opportunities and insights.

The European Youth Media Days are a part of intercultural dialogue in promoting a broad discussion and networking on European issues among young people, facilitated by young journalists creating innovative intercultural media formats. In addition to this the EYMD can address different political aspects of intercultural dialogue from a young and authentic point of view. Considering those two dimensions the EYMD offer a unique approach for inspiring young journalists to shatter stereotypes, soak into different cultures, live, understand and enjoy diversity and as being multipliers encourage a vast share of young people across Europe to follow this notion. The EYMD confront and provoke young people with other perspectives and realities. They reflect the experience of diversity of cultures all the time, not only theoretically.

Besides this content emphasis the EYMD will remain to be a mirror of current European issues seen from a young perspective and reported in innovative young media. The most important challenges the European Union is currently facing shall be addressed in workshops with professional journalists and experts and in panel discussions with Members of the European Parliament and other high-rank guests. The European Youth Media Days will offer a variety of unique insights and political issues and give the freedom to critically and constructively think about, debate and journalistically cover European issues.

Offering the European Youth Media Days as a continuous platform for young journalists is an important investment in the future of democracy and journalism in Europe. The EYMD in the European Parliament are a unique chance for young media from all across Europe. They have been and will continue to be an initial spark for new media projects, organised across national borders, and incite a new trans-European level of cooperation between young journalists.