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Discrimination Divides, Diversity Connects, Multimedia, Chanel Monteine and Svanlaug Àrnàdottir

EYMD 2016: When Identity Meets Diversity: “Intersectionality” in EuropePosted on: 22.05.2016

Strasbourg, May 20, EYMD 2016 Chanel Monteine and Svanlaug Àrnàdottir In an unassuming tipi, young participants huddled round the panel of speakers of this year’s “Discrimination Divides, Diversity Connects” EYE event. The panel consisted of both activists and politicians, who went on to share their individual stories about diversity, discrimination and non-conformism. Although the panelists’ […]

EYMD 2016: Lucid futurePosted on: 21.05.2016

Strasbourg, May 20, EYMD 2016 From left to right: Natalia, Marino and Jose (photo: Emnet Assefa) Text by Natalia Skoczylas; Photos by Emnet Assefa I’ve been to dozens of festivals in my life. They all have similar features: unique energy, omnipresence of flamboyant outfits, loud music and a wide choice of activities. I get a similar feeling now, […]

Emnet Assefa, A Transparent Future

EYMD 2016: More transparent EU institutions (Photo Journal)Posted on: 21.05.2016

Strasbourg, May 20, EYMD 2016 Photos by Emnet Assefa; Text by Natalia Skoczylas “A Transparent Future? Opening EU Democracy”, EYE 2016 “Who has the power to vote for TTIP?” "To me, harmonisation of monetary policy does not make sense" – young Europeans giving voice at #YOFest #eurozone — Transparency Int. EU (@TI_EU) May 20, […]

Yulia Gottstein, Multimedia

EYMD 2016: Will Robots Rise to Power? EYE 2016 PerspectivePosted on: 21.05.2016

Strasbourg, May 20, EYMD 2016 by Yulia Gottstein Will robots and super-intelligent computers threaten the future of humanity? Will ever-smarter computers take away many of our jobs? Or will they help humanity to develop? Let’s take a quick ride into the future with prominent European experts. Session called Science or Fiction: Will robots rise to power? […]

Svanlaug Árnadóttir and Chanel Monteine

EYMD 2016: Debating radicalisation: Europe’s youth at the crossroads of censorship and engagementPosted on: 21.05.2016

Strasbourg, May 20, EYMD 2016 by Svanlaug Árnadóttir and Chanel Monteine “As a youth event organiser of my university’s campus, I have felt first-hand the effects of the UK’s Prevent strategy,” explained one young participant. She went on to add,“It’s been extremely challenging to organise debates surrounding controversial topics and, in all, these discussions have often […]

Una Cilic, Multimedia

EYMD 2016: Roma in Europe: Unknown and UnheardPosted on: 21.05.2016

Strasbourg, May 20, EYMD 2016 by Una Cilic “When I say I have the diploma, when I say that I believe I should study, people say to me: OK, but you are a different Roma. And I always ask them what does different Roma mean? I am Roma. I don’t think that because I study, I […]

EYMD 2016: Is uni the only way?Posted on: 21.05.2016

Strasbourg, May 20, EYMD 2016 by Alina Leimbach Apprenticeships were once revolutionary. First introduced in Germany in the middle age its specific procedures of training guaranteed costumers for the first time services and goods to stand up to certain standardised, quality standards. They were also pretty modern that time and far more international than one […]

EYMD 2016: Watch: What young Europeans want their future workplace to be likePosted on: 21.05.2016

Strasbourg, May 20, EYMD 2016 by Rikke Mathiassen and Christiana Bedei Digital work environments should allow flexibility and self-development without compromising on security “For politicians it is sometimes difficult to understand what young people want. This is one option of doing this, this ideas lab”. Björn Warkalla, from Planpolitik — a German company that designs solution-driven events […]

EYMD 2016: Bridging youth reality and political powerPosted on: 21.05.2016

Strasbourg, May 20, EYMD 2016 by Stanislava Gaydazhieva What do young people have to say about youth unemployment and why we should listen to them? The good news: the levels of youth unemployment in Europe are slowly dropping down. According to data presented by the European Commissioner for Employment Marianne Thyssen during this year’s edition of […]

Fair Trade: Shopping with a little added lovePosted on: 21.05.2016

by Greta Rauleac On Friday the 20th of May at the European Youth Event in Strasbourg, youth from all European corners have been called to discuss and propose solutions tackling labour exploitation and human rights abuses. They formulated innovative trade systems ideas and realized that as consumers they have the power to stop labour abuse […]