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Dialogue, the first step to solve EU problems

Posted on: 20.05.2016

Mónica Marhuenda Micó and Maria Kroustali, reporting from the European Parliament in Strasbourg

“It is quite a pessimistic moment for the EU; we have to listen to what young people are saying about the futures and break old rules”. Sylvie Guillaume is the EP Vice-President responsible for Information Policy and she has welcomed participants to European Youth Media Days 2016, to explain how important it is for politicians to interact with youth.

(This podcast was featured by the European Parliament)

“The aim of this event is to have exchanges with youngsters,” says Guillaume. 7,000 youngsters have in fact gathered in Strasbourg to discuss five main themes: perspectives for a peaceful planet, the agenda for a vibrant democracy, youth unemployment, tomorrow’s world of work and new ways for a sustainable Europe.

“The ideas from these workshops,” added Guillaume, “Will be submitted to MEPs and I think that the issues they raise should be not only presented but also answered. There is an increasing need of dialogue with politicians.”

(Mónica Marhuenda Micó and Maria Kroustali will be reporting from EYE covering this story about what it means to be a refugee in the EU)