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European elections were discussed from many perspectives at the European Youth Media Days 2018

Posted on: 26.10.2018

European Youth Media Days 2018 – Communicating elections

European Parliament, Brussels, 16-18 October 2018

The 11th edition of the European Youth Media Days (EYMD) included three full days of learning, speeches, networking and workshops. At the European Parliament in Brussels more than one hundred 18 to 30 year old journalists and media makers shared their experiences, made new friends and worked on projects with the medium of their choice on the theme, communicating elections. The aim was to try journalistic ways to reach especially young Europeans and inform them about the European elections that are held next May.

The first day of the EYMD was dedicated to speeches by various experts from the Parliament and outside of it, and a panel discussion. The themes were the importance of this election, media’s role in making elections succesful and the phenomenon of misinformation and disinformation related to elections, the EU and media. Many speakers highlighted especially the issue of youth vote, which has been as low as 10 per cent for example in Finland, and overall only 28 per cent. That is just half of the turnout of the over 55 year olds.

During these three days the participants had the chance to hear views and ask questions from for example international political trainer Jamila Aanzi, MEPs, chief Brussels correspondent of Politico David Herszenhorn, and the Secretary-General of the European Parliament Klaus Welle. Second day was for workshops and the final day for finishing the outcomes and presenting them.

This year there were many more workshops than the EYMD has previously had. The reason behind this was that so called new media was more strongly included. In addition to traditional video and print workshops, there were also workshops on multimedia, Instagram Stories and social media in general. It made sense since the youth uses social media a lot. You can see the outcomes here.

The EYMD was organised by the European Youth Press in cooperation with the European Parliament, who also hosted the seminar in Brussels. The EYMD is the first Europe-wide forum that involves, connects, informs and encourages young media makers to be at the heart of the European integration process.

The European Youth Press (EYP) is the umbrella organisation of young journalist associations in Europe, bringing together over 60.000 journalists across the continent. If you’re interested in EYMD and the other European Youth Press projects, make sure you follow our Twitter account and Facebook page to stay up-to-date with all the news on all our projects and events.

Photo: European Parliament