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EYMD 2016: Being a refugee in the EU

Posted on: 21.05.2016

Strasbourg, May 20, EYMD 2016

(Mónica Marhuenda Micó and Maria Kroustali, reporting from the European Parliament in Strasbourg)

The refugee crisis is a huge and complicated issue. Refugees are people who fled their coutry and can not go back due without risking their lives. But what does it mean being a refugee in the EU? And is EU dealing with this issue? Ulrike Lunacek, Vice-President of the EP says that “EU member states are not united and we do not have a common asylum policies: it is not a crisis of refugee but a criss of solidarity”.

Seconding her point of view, human rights defender form the Spanish Youth Council, Cheija Abdalahe calla for “Stop playing the double moral game”.

Featuring interviews with Sylvie Guillaume (Vice-President EP), Vincent Cochetel (Director, UNHCR Bureau for Europe), Cheija Abdalahe (Human rights defender, Spanish Youth Council), Ulrike Lunacek (Vice-President EP).

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