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EYMD 2016: Is uni the only way?

Posted on: 21.05.2016

Strasbourg, May 20, EYMD 2016

by Alina Leimbach

Apprenticeships were once revolutionary. First introduced in Germany in the middle age its specific procedures of training guaranteed costumers for the first time services and goods to stand up to certain standardised, quality standards. They were also pretty modern that time and far more international than one might expect. After their final year, many apprentices were travelling the world to expand their skills in countries with other working routines. Do not imagine it too aromatic, as it was hard work they had to do, but maybe more exciting than way we perceive vocational training today.

However, today even in Germany, where this training routine was invented, the number of young people taking up this kind vocational training is declining. We asked people what the situation was like in their home country.

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