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EYMD 2016: TV News workshop – Full Newscast

Posted on: 30.05.2016

Strasbourg, May 20, EYMD 2016

In this 28-minutes news report you will watch the reflection of 14 journalists coming from different countries, backgrounds and expertise on topics like human rights and the role of the EU, the refugees crisis, the Brexit, the challenges the EU is facing, the need of a different narrative from the EU, the crucial role of young people in changing the EU for the better, the European Youth Event and the YO!Festival.


All these topics were covered within EYMD 2016 and the narrow framework of 1,5 days! Young journalists with -but also without TV experience- and students of journalism did their best to expose the different aspects of these topics.


The young journalists had to form teams and work with colleagues whom they didn’t know before, find a common interest and heed their different approaches on the topic. They had to collaborate and distribute responsibilities, but also meet the tight deadlines (!) always under the supervision and guidance of the coordinators Ioanna Lougari and Anastasia Valeeva.



Heading into the EYE of Europe (01:02)

Is Europe a defender of human rights? (03:35)

Together we can make a change with Rainer Wieland (07:17)

Refugees: many routes but no land (11:06)

Together we can make a change with Benjamin Bodson (14:29)

The two sides of the Brexit coin (18:56)

Sanctions as a foreign policy tool (22:43)

YO!Festival for Arts and Rights (25:58)


Coordination & Production
Lead Facilitator: Ioanna Lougari
Second Facilitator: Anastasia Valeeva


TV Team
Alexander Hendriks
Daniela Prugger
Fanny Hedenmo
Guilherme Correia da Silva
James Cropper
Jordi Ribàs Ustrell
Jovan Tripkovic
Maciej Deja
Mirna Brekalo
Olivia Drost
Oscar Güell Elías
Petra Preseren
Susanne Gottlieb
Sofia Lotto Persio


Guests @ the studio:
– Rainer Wieland, Vice-President of the European Parliament
– Benjamin Bodson, Teaching assistant in EU law at the Catholic University of Louvain


Special thanks to the AV services crew of the European Parliament

Ainara Bascuñana Lopez – Coordinator
Matyas Ludik – Cameraman & Editor
Yves Brua – Editor
Jean-Christophe Pecheur – Cameraman
Claire Goidts – Editor


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