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Has political apathy infiltrated the democratic agenda?

Posted on: 20.05.2016

Fruzsina Katona and Grzesiek Szymanowski reporting from the European Parliament in Strasbourg

“The decision-making process is usually very complicated,” says Daniel, a young German attendee at the European Youth Event 2016 in Strasbourg, France. “You’re talking about subjects that not everyone is aware of. Or that people do not have the knowledge to participate – or the time, because you have different priorities. And you want to engage those people in politics and it’s very difficult.”

Daniel’s opinion is one shared by many other of the Europeans gathered at the European Parliament for this year’s festival.

(This podcast was featured by the European Parliament)

Discussion and rhetorical debate, the essential blocks of democracy, have been impacted by this growing sense of malaise. Alberto from Portugal also raised some concerns about political apathy: “People aren’t comfortable anymore debating the things that they should be debating. They just stick to their positions, and they do not come to a common ground where they can actually discuss.”

(Fruzsina Katona and Grzesiek Szymanowski will continue to develop this story, looking at how the EU member states work to encourage political interest among younger citizens and the creative ways this can be achieved.)