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If we’re monetising our spare room, can we still say sharing is caring?

Posted on: 21.05.2016

Dilyana Vlaeva, Andreas Charalambous, and Albert Guasch report from EYMD 2016 about innovation and stagnation.

“I think that the sharing economy is about human connection,” explains Chelsea Rustrum, author of It’s a Shareable Life,”People helping people get their needs met. I have something, you need something, we find that bridge, we use that bridge and we connect through that.”

As the European Union slowly shuffles out of the financial crisis, with the future’s economic growth still on shaky ground, entrepreneurs who see opportunity are leaping into action, redefining what we have come to believe about the traditional roles of business.

These entrepreneurs, seeing what value having a spare room in their homes or an empty seat in their cars can bring to their own pockets, have become economic disruptors in action. They have developed online and mobile businesses that connect young people all over the world to vendors selling what they need, where they need it, when they need it.

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