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Press Release 19.05.2016

Posted on: 19.05.2016

European Youth Media Days 2016

Together we can make a change

European Parliament, Strasbourg, 19-22 May 2016

This week 120 young journalists from all over Europe will gather in the European Parliament (EP) in Strasbourg to take part in the European Youth Media Days (EYMD) 2016. Under the theme Together We Can Make a Change this year the EYMD will follow the European Youth Event (EYE).

Great ideas will flow as Strasbourg will be filled with more than 7,000 motivated and hardworking youngsters coming to the EYE. Young journalists will bring a youth media perspective to the event, reflecting these ideas in their reports.

EYMD participants will join seven workshops where they will produce content in five media formats (print, photo, radio, TV, and multimedia). Their reports will be created based on the learning-by-doing methodology. The final outcomes of the EYMD will be broadcasted at the European Youth Event, disseminated among EYE participants, and published online for the broader audience.

Young journalists participating in the EYMD will have a chance to take part in political discussions, communicate with high-profile guests, learn about the EP, and network.

Organised annually since 2007 by the European Youth Press (EYP) and the European Parliament, the EYMD is the first Europe-wide training course that involves, connects, informs and encourages young media makers to be in the heart of the European integration process.

At the last EYMD, in October 2015, 90 young media makers met in Brussels for three days of innovative, interactive, and inspiring discussions dedicated to the topic of media freedom in Europe. The results of their work can be found on the official website of EYMD.

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